Leon Martin, known to the streets as Chevyboy, has been a product of Minneapolis MN since May 6, 1982. As an effect of an unstructured childhood, musical capabilities and imagination grew to occupy this artist's mind as well as time, leading him to start performing often, as early as the third grade. Since early 2008 Chevyboy has completed two college courses in sound arts, been featured in magazines such as the Midwest Leak as a first round draft pick, opened up for industry names like R.L of Next and Do or Die, as well as performed at Minneapoliss own Twin Cities Promoters Ball. In 2008 with the loss of two brothers and the need to provide for his daughter Caprice on his conscious, the hunger for success has enormously propelled the creative mind of this artist. Chevyboys style is close to a marketer working on the outside of his cubicle, more simply put as thinking outside of the box. His lyrical abilities when displayed often consist of untouched concepts and topics. Music doesn't just stop at writing or rapping for this artist. Audio production is nearly neck and neck along with his vocal ability. This artist has single handedly written, recorded and produced over 200 tracks using a basement, closet or any space he could find, all of this using just a microphone, a Triton Korg and Protools.