Inspired by the sounds of Richie Hawtin and and Chris Liebing, Cesar Acosta is one of the fastest up and comers in the Minneapolis techno scene. In only a few short years he has shared the bill the likes of Tony Rohr (New York), Joey Beltram, Luis Flores, Woody McBride, Itzon (Mexico City), Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records), Timefog heads James Patrick and Mike Gervais and Steven Seuling aka Centrific head of Intellephunk and many more.


Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, Cesar started showing interest in music at an early age starting with New age music when he was 8yo, attending to his first rave party at the age of 11, At the age of 21 Cesar migrated to Minneapolis MN in the United States. Home to some of the most infamous rave parties in the mid and late '90, DJ's and promoters such as Woody McBride, Zak khutoretsky aka DVS1 (Hush Productions), Cesar fell in love with his new hometown of Minneapolis. While going out to the local techno parties put on around town. As the opportunities to play at clubs throughout the city increased, Cesar teamed up with Yaleb Villalobos, Aldo DeLucio to form the "MEXIKAN TEKNO MAFIA" (MTM). Recently Cesar Acosta and Yaleb Villalobos delight people with their music and well taste on techno, making their Dj sets a magical experience that will take you trough a journey of climax and excitement.