Casual Confusion's members are all natives of Minneapolis beginning with Colin Hodges, an explosive triple threat by writing, singing, and playing guitar on all tracks. With every song Colin has the ability to create a new and fresh sound because of his always evolving lyrics, delivery, and execution style.

With influences blurring all musical genres, Casual Confusion offers something for all listeners to connect with. Casual Confusion's music is the result of a seamless balance of Rock and Soul music, with songs lyrically rooted in being socially conscience and true to one's self. Casual Confusion finds their musical motivation in witnessing the condition of the world today and experiencing the ups and downs that all artists endure on their journey to be heard. By providing distinctive and smooth projecting vocals, on point and accurate production, and creatively thought out instrumental arrangements; Casual Confusion aims to puncture the ear with personal truth, lyrical relevance, and volume.