C-Silence set his sights on originality from the word go. "I want to make original music that is unparalleled in any specific genre." Rather than composing music that runs along the standard current, C-Silence instead turned his formidable musical skills to writing music that crosses perpendicular to the streams of music we all know and love. He presents elements we recognize as familiar but presents them in startling new ways. His music is rooted in hip-hop but the experimentalism, powerful vocal delivery and uncanny improvisational skills elevate his music above the same old rap we can hear on the radio.

"Music makes me feel both intrigued and content." C-Silence finds deep fascination in music and offers us the same sense of fascination as we hear his compositions unfold in our ears. We also share in the contentment because C-Silence's masterful songs leave the listener sated, engorged on a feast of amazing sounds.

C-Silence is dedicated to raising the bar for not only hip-hop but the world of music as a whole. " Music makes me want to bring music in general to a new level and still relate to the masses on the basis of only being human." C-Silence seeks to make music that changes the standard for songwriting while still maintaining accessibility, allowing fans to enter into and embrace new styles and sounds that might otherwise be shunned by a radio-fed populace. C-Silence is successful in his quest, easily earning new fans and expanding their ideas of what music can be with his solid craftsmanship. Progress is vital, and C-Silence never lets up on himself, always pushing for bigger and better things. "My music philosophy is to keep moving forward and progressing."

No one single thing can be cited as C-Silence's musical influence. Life's whole panorama offers a wide variety of muses to share their magic and fuel this incredible artist's passionate musical expression. "Everything I've ever experienced in this life has influenced me in my music. I'm influenced and inspired by everything I observe and hear; especially the people that believe in me and use my music to make their lives more enjoyable in the good or the bad points of their existence on this earth."