Minneapolis DJ duo of Jen Boyles and Ian Traas. House music all night long.

Jen and Ian met as dance music writers in 2008 for the local alternative weekly in Minneapolis. Within a few years they discovered they were kindred spirits with an irrational love for French house, classic disco, and millennial rave memories. An established DJ and co-founder of The Sexbotz, Ian taught Jen to spin and Bunnymob was born. They both have a critical ear for beats behind the decks as well as their respective bylines (you might have seen their articles in City Pages, Resident Advisor, URB, BPM, Rosebud, & Mpls-St. Paul Magazine to name a few).

While they have much in common, their tastes differ just slightly so that they naturally keep things interesting: Ian loves smooth, glittering hooks and Jen has knack for gritty baselines. Musically, she thinks he tends to lean a bit far left, and he'd tell you she can be a bit too traditional, but they are husband and wife now so Jen always wins.