Eric "Brownie" Arcilla aka Chico Brown aka Brownie has been DJ'n since the very tender (haha, "tender") age of 14. Instantly influenced by DJ's such as Terminator X of Public Enemy and Eric B, Brownie found himself (yes, I'm talking in 3rd person) in Narnia.... aka Radio Shack 2 channel mixer with no assigned EQ's and two cd players of different brands with no pitch controls. Somehow he made it work for himself and started doing dances at his high school. Graduating seniors would then have him DJ their house parties at their respective colleges. More gigs and more money eventually led to a better DJ mixer and two turntables.... and a microphone if you're gonna be that guy/girl singing that. Since that time, Brownie has DJ'd at almost every nightclub in downtown Minneapolis, performed for tens of thousands of spring breakers in South Padre Island, TX, performed at various State Fairs across the country, DJ'd a pre-Winter Olympic kick-off party in Salt Lake City, and numerous other high profile gigs for various promotions and brands.