Upon the first listen, it's immediately apparent the strong guitar-driven indie rock/pop from Pittsburgh's Brightside is something original, and their latest record Now and Loud is a testament to that. Produced and engineered by Jake Ewald (Modern Baseball), its 8 songs are a charming, intelligent, and matured departure from their two previous releases (2012's Seconds Matter and 2011's Good Enough).

While it may not show in Now and Loud's careful production and spot-on pop sensibility, at it's core Brightside is a DIY band. Even before joining Broken World Media's diverse roster in 2012, Matt Vituccio, Steve Luteran, Matt Williams, and Dylan Essig have been making their own merch and doing things their own way. Guitarist Matt Vituccio admits, "the result isn't always spot on but that is part of the learning process." With NNow and Loud, it's clear that Brightside has taken their notes and graduated as a more mature, confident version of their former selves. In Brightside's case, the student has become the teacher.