A musician's life on the road is certainly exhausting; but for Breanne Düren, it's also a never-ending source of inspiration. The Minnesota singer-songwriter has spent the last year traveling the globe, collecting the melody and insights that inform her upcoming debut album. As a touring member of Owl City, Breanne serves as Adam Young’s onstage foil, her electric charm and energy helping to breathe new life into his studio creations. But it’s in her life offstage, in green rooms and airports, making new friends and missing old ones, where she finds the inspiration for songs that express the joy and uncertainty of finding one’s way through the world.

Weaving together the folk and jazz she loved growing up with modern pop influences ranging from Coldplay to Corinne Bailey Rae, Breanne creates music that uplifts and soothes. Each melody-driven song tells a story, with vocals that hang effortlessly in the air just above the delicate unfolding of her chords. Much like her own life has done for her recently, Breanne takes the listener to new places while reminding them that there’s no place more comfortable than home.