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Boyfrndz began in 2010, shortly after the collapse of We The Granada, a band in which guitarist/vocalist Scott Martin and bassist/vocalist Joseph Raines had cut their teeth. Martin's roommate and sought-after drummer/vocalist Aaron Perez (at the time already playing in three other bands) signed on and Boyfrndz quickly became a priority. The lineup expanded to a four piece with guitarist Kelvin Baron for their self-titled full length debut in 2011. The group enlisted Grammy award winning keyboardist Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta, Jack White) to co-produce and he also played keys on a couple of tracks. Boyfrndz pared down to a three piece following a summer tour in 2011 and soon thereafter set about writing new songs resulting in the And So It Goes 5-track EP in February 2012 and the band's epic new album, All Day Pass.


Kicking off with the droning fade in of "Colts", All Day Pass begins with Martin's vocals mirroring his ringing guitar notes and Perez's thunderous toms and Raines' lithe bass playing drive the song's syncopated rhythm through multiple time signature shifts over the course of the tune's 4:11 duration. "On Point" takes a decidedly more sinister turn, with an ominous build up and rollicking turnaround vaguely reminiscent of the oceanic feel of Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking. Elsewhere, passages touch upon the dreamy haze of Sonic Youth and entrancing melodies of Animal Collective wedded to the warped pop prowess of Tera Melos. Throughout, All Day Pass is a captivating hybrid of technical precision guiding a soaring and ethereal melodic haze. All Day Pass was recorded live in a whirlwind three days at the Shelter studio in Austin with few overdubs. The resulting album captures the trio's ferocious energy and impressive precision. Engineer Chris Seyler (touring sound man for Dillinger Escape Plan) oversaw recording and mixing, with Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio in NYC mastering (Boyfrndz EP, Hella's Tripper, etc).