Erick "Picasso Baby" Williams and Daniel "sleepieblack" Jones Jr. first kicked it off fall of 2001 when sleepie transferred schools from Brooklyn Park to Maple Grove. In a mostly white school, it was not hard for these two to find each other and link up, only back then, it was not about the was about tha females. After junior high, the duo would find themselves going to different high schools. Though they were now at different schools, they always found that they would be at all the same parties and social events, so contact was not really lost untill late 2003 when sleepie moved to Illinois for a while. During their time apart, both would start to devlop a love for freestyling and letting the world know "how they REALLY felt". Not long after sleepie's return in the winter of '04, they found each other at a party over North Minneapolis and with their unique abilty to draw a crowd in an intense freestyle session .They began writing and composing music non stop after they were reunited. Shortly after, picasso decided to join the Army. Even with picasso's training and sleepie running around in the streets, they had managed to whip together a mean lil package which regretfully, ended up in the vault. It would continue to be this way for several years.Sleepie to the streets and picasso to Iraq and Afghanistan. In late 2005, sleepie joined forces with a producer, Jacques "whyte boi fresh" LaFrenier and rapper John "sota smoov" Bing, who formed Da Dream Team. Things got serious in the summer of 2007, doing local shows. 2 years later, smoov started working with his cousin Kama "black magic" Johnson, eventually he went solo. By this time, picasso had returned home from Afghanistan to form the "Black Mask Army" officially in the fall of 2009 with sleepie and fresh. Sleepie eventually brought it back to the hood when the team started working with A.O.G.B, or more broadly known as All Out Records, in the summer of 2010.