We are Black Genesis. The idea was to form a band that made music so well that the ideas held inside our songs would actually effect the world around us. Often when people hear the word “Black” they think cold, dark, empty. In the music world “Black” is often associated with angry, harsh, and violent. When one looks at the light spectrum Black is the absence of light.

However when one looks at art, Black is the combination of every color. So in our art we look to invoke that same concept. We are all different. We all come from different backgrounds and places in life. Our fans are scattered all over the globe and they all have their unique stories, colors, and when we all come together something incredible happens. Art is sometimes painful and our songs are not always without that pain. In the world around us we constantly see those same colors trampled on by those who have not truly scene or have decided to turn a blind eye. Whether it is the color of ones skin, or the colors of the flag they wave, it was impossible for us to sit back and not use our platform to talk about these things that make life so beautiful. Shying away was no longer an option for us.

Enter “Genesis” - the start. The beginning. We look to do our part to help change the narrative. In our own small way, one song at a time.We want to break down barriers and start real conversation while having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. We hope that our music moves you, makes you smile, makes you dance, gives you the courage to tell that person how you feel, helps you cry, or lends its melody to your shouts for justice and change. We are excited for the journey we are on and we hope you will join us in whatever comes next. We want your colors.