Let's be frank: Big Trouble took a kind of cavalier attitude towards '07. But a new year brings new things, and believe me: '08 belongs to Big Trouble. and Barack Obama. Let me just reiterate: Big Trouble is a place where dreams come true. We're not demanding. We're not "high maintenance."

We're flexible, fun, and generally down for whatever. Want to enjoy some instrumental music, including sly covers of Death Cab for Cutie, The Zombies, Bjork, and Angelo Badalamenti, plus originals? We got you covered. Need a band that can ably back any kind of artist, from singer/songwriter Rob Skoro to rapper P.O.S.? We got that, too. 

How about some original music with some original words from Alexei Casselle aka Crescent Moon of Kill the Vultures and Roma di Luna. Damn, man, we've already recorded an EP like that, and it's coming out March 6 on Afternoon Records. In short, we're coming to your town (if you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul), but we're not coming to tear it down. We'll just be over here, blowing your mind softly.

When not being in big trouble, the members of Big Trouble play with Heiruspecs, Joanna James, Martin Devaney, Jessy Greene, Supreme Privacy, and some other people. They've been joined onstage by Robert Skoro, Bill Caperton, Annie from Awesome Snakes/Soviettes, Ben Weaver, Stook, P.O.S. and I think that's about it. They also sometimes play basketball. Guys you like from bands you love playing songs you know without the crappy words in the bars you drink at in the cities you sleep in. The Twin Cities are in Big Trouble.