batteryboy combines social awareness and personal revelation to create "music to deal with everything else." Founded by Cobey Rouse in 2011, the group includes multi-instrumentalist Eric Carranza, cellist Emily Dantuma, bassist Ray Ringer and violinist Shannon Frid-Rubin. Their lush sound of strings and Carranza's Eno-esque atmosphere give Rouse's emotionally charged lyrics a fitting place to come to hit home.

batteryboy has been described by 89.3 The Current's Andrea Swensson as “...reminiscent of Cloud Cult’s acoustic work and neo-folkies like Bon Iver.” Americana UK’s 7/10 album review of batteryboy’s debut up for air says batteryboy “remind me of The National, particularly the passion the members of both bands put in when delivering their performances.”

​“Rouse pours his heart into batteryboy’s eloquent lyrics; they come straight from the soul.” —Becca Martin, Rift Magazine

“The melody of the sad songs, even without the lyrics, opens your heart. The reserved upbeat tempo of the joyous songs makes you smile’s just beautiful, grown up music.” —Ann Treacy, TC Daily Planet

"The sound is comfortably grounded by heart-over-head vocals graced in sweet harmonies anchored in pulsating percussion. Lofty and sincere lyrical lines slide over the sweetly sad string slips that will keep them in you inner ear for the next year and more." —Mid West Music Fest