Rooted in Hip-hop, and augmented by choral elements. What’s left is a journey, filled with rich harmonies, deep bass, and introspective lyricism. Live performances feature experimentation with live band, loop pedals, and a capella form.

Aym Telos (pronounced 'aim tee-lohs') is the embodiment of where my mind has been recently. Aym, or, aim spelled with a 'y', is a symbol of my inquisitive nature, less about the 'i' and personal interest, more about the 'we' and questions that deal with us all. Telos is a Greek word meaning ultimate end/ultimate objective. In unity, Aym Telos is a calling to breech difference with love and non-judgement.

The visual artwork to be be released in conjunction with the first project embodies moments of aesthetic similarity while contextually different.