Avenue Army originally formed between James Paulet and Max Eric Bergstrom in April of 2009. Bergstrom and Paulet had known each other through mutual friends since 2003 and had jammed a few times, but never knew what good chemistry they had with each other until moving in together in March of 2009. Bergstrom had a bunch of tunes from other projects that didn’t work out on the backburner, and was dying to get a band together to work them out. Jimi listened carefully as the songs were pitched, and he came up with spot on lead guitar work to each song.

After the two had gotten a solid list of tunes together, they recruited Chris Libby to play bass and Josh Mattson for a drummer, whom Bergstrom met while managing a shoe store in Blaine, MN. Over the summer, they practiced a lot and built a killer set list. Avenue Army was born. Over the next few years, Chris Libby and former drummer Josh Mattson were replaced by Sean Pierce on drums and Maurice Vasquez on bass. The current line-up has been solid since September of 2011. Avenue Army prides themselves on creating a radio friendly alt rock sound that combines catchy vocal melodies and harmonies with hard hitting drums, low end bass, and gritty guitars. Their music is fun, deep, thoughtful, and entertaining! Their debut album, Words With Action, was released on September 20, 2013.