Even with so much music already under his belt Allan Kingdom has no plans on slowing down. Born in Winnipeg Canada, to a South African father and Tanzanian mother, whose career led her to St. Paul, Minnesota, where Allan was raised, speaking Swahili as the predominant language at home. As Kingdom grew up he made music in his bedroom, collaborating with artists via the internet. Soon after he released his first project entitled Future Memoirs in 2014, he was named "Best Hip Hop Artist of 2014" by City Pages and was listed on Complex's "Top 25 Rappers to Watch” list.

Upon hearing Kingdom’s music, Kanye West requested his vocals for the single, “All Day”. Soon after Kingdom found himself performing the track live with Kanye at the Brit Awards, England’s equivalent to the Grammys. Allan self-released his latest album, LINES (2017), to much fanfare and acclaim, along with a successful European tour. The album includes notable guest artists such as Denzel Curry, Ramriddlz and Kevin Abstract. Producers such as FNZ, Ronny J, Dro and Jared Evan also lend a hand to the album.