Adam DeLong says comedy always had a strong presence in his life. To escape the frequent bullying he faced as a child, DeLong turned to comedy. “Television and comedy were totally the escape until I came out of the awkward childhood/teenager shell and blossomed into the awkward early-to-mid-20s phase… yeah, that awkward is just there to stay,” DeLong says. “I started doing stand-up in the Twin Cities with the Funniest Person Competition at Acme and a few open mic nights here and there about seven or eight years ago.”

Back then, DeLong says there weren’t nearly as many comedy nights around the cities as there are now, and as a bartender at the time, he often worked nights, which is when the few open mic nights obviously took place. [...] DeLong currently runs Stand Up St. Paul, which has shows at The Amsterdam Bar and Hall and the Turf Club, as well as Stand Up West Bank, which has shows every fourth Wednesday of the month on The Nomad World Pub’s stage. [Lavender, December 2018]