Aaron Brooks, also known as Aaron 'Jackin' Joseph, has been beat matching in one way or another since he was 12 years old. Originally from Chicago, he has been inspiring late-night hand-holding in Minneapolis for the past two years. Sharing turntables with modern-day rock stars such as Onur Ozer & Raiz; (AKA Acid Circus) And Frequenting @ The Slam Factory, Soundbar, First Avenue's Record Room, Tantric Lounge, and other various dark rooms in the city, he's quickly put together a resume of fellow dance music enthusiasts who will vouch his ability to make you move. Aaron considers himself a purist, and baulks at the commercialism of the modern day club scene. 

With an underground background, and passion that would scare any garden-variety DJ; His deep & jackin, groove oriented style of dance music will erase all sense of time, and put your mind in a fog until the lights (sadly) come on. Aaron's life-long love of dance music & extensive Ableton Live training has yielded a contract with "Berlin Aufnahmen," a brand new label out of Germany, who to date, have had several "top 100" Beatport releases.

Check out his track "FunKnob," on their compilation, From Berlin, and also his FunKnob EP released on Benny Productions and debut # 3 & 4 on the labels top ten tracks! Witness a man who prides himself most on the common bond he shares with his dance music family; a man who treats the mutual inspiration given & received like his most cherished family heirloom, and who's passion for dance music will most definitely inspire far past bar close.