Hello, my name is Aaron Aye. I am a 22 year old entertainer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been singing and dancing ever since I can remember and I wrote my first song at age 11. My parents divorced when I was a baby and I was raised by a single mother who gave her all to make sure I had the best life possible. My freshman year in high school, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away two months later, making me a 15 year old orphan.

My upcoming album, Orphan, is a celebration. It’s an album for the lost kids struggling to find their purpose. I will be their voice by telling my own story through my music. Orphan is full of songs about my journey as a mid-west kid, trying to find a purpose in life, experimenting with love, the struggles of working two jobs to get by and staying true to being myself, all while coping with sadness, anger, and loneliness in the aftermath of my mom's death. When people hear this project I want them to never hear the word “orphan" the same way again. I want young men & women, no matter what their story is, to embrace their uniqueness, their individuality, and believe in themselves.