In fall of 2013, First Avenue extended its reach across the city lines by purchasing the Turf Club in St. Paul from Tom Scanlon, owner of the nearby Dubliner Pub. Established in 1945 and located near the corner of University and Snelling, the Turf Club has been a constant in the Twin Cities music scene for decades. As such, the much-beloved vintage watering hole and rock club is a truly exciting addition to the First Avenue family.

As First Avenue goes through more growth and transitions every year, one thing remains true: we will keep our doors open to the thousands of music lovers who are First Avenue's past and its future.

Mission Statement

First Avenue will provide a unique and innovative cultural environment. Our musical vision will not be limited by fashion, fortune or fame.

First Avenue welcomes people of any age, race, sex, or sexual orientation. We strive to bring together people with diverse interests and backgrounds. 

As the longest continual entertainment and music venue in the Twin Cities, First Avenue's roots in the community are deep and far-reaching. We will work to strengthen these ties and connect with the next generation of music fans.