The Wrecks are an Indie Rock band originating in Thousand Oaks, California. This 5-piece, heavily influenced by groups such as The Killers, Cage the Elephant, and Vampire Weekend, make it almost impossible not to dance. The band self-produced their first few singles (currently awaiting release) on a whim, alongside engineer Andrew D’Angelo, when they were surprised with the news that a friend had been granted access to a studio for just a few days.

With a total budget of $0, and only a week as a band under their belts, the group set out to record the best songs that they could in 3 days. After working ridiculous hours through the night, to the next day, and then through the night again, the 3 days were over and the song were cut. Little did the band know, they were not allowed to be in the studio that week. So through feelings of guilt and worry, they cleaned every bit of information of theirs from the studio computer, and every crumb of Dominos from the studio couch, and were out the door with a hard drive containing their new songs.

Eccentric frontman Nick Anderson drives the band with his stage-presence, passion for writing and constant exploration of the band’s sound. Behind the riffs of Nick Schmidt on lead guitar, the band finds its modern, yet nostalgic indie rock sound. This collaboration of exceptional musicians came together in mid November of 2015 through Richard Reines and R&S Management. Anderson had been writing for a few of the members’ old bands/projects, so when the idea for this new band came around, everyone was in-between projects and the members were easily recruited, thus conceiving The Wrecks.