Noam The Drummer + DJ Gabe Garcia + Willie Shu + hosted by Franz Diego

Noam The Drummer is a Minneapolis-based hip-hop dj & producer. Currently, you can catch him every second Friday at Honey (Northeast Minneapolis) in the mix for “Turnt Up!”, a monthly Rap Dance Party. From 2007 to 2011, Noam the Drummer co-hosted “The Beat Box” radio show on Radio K at the University of Minnesota. Since 2002, Noam has banged out beats with his crew, Famfeud, as well as backing Big Quarters, I.B.E and other groups on the turntables.

DJ Gabe Garcia has developed a great career as a professional DJ and opens for some really big name artists. He DJ's full time and his name and popularity continues to grow! He shines on the main stage and is a natural when it comes to mixing and cranking out the dance tunes. Gabe has been DJ’ing since the age of twelve and genuinely has a love for the art, DJing for local artists in the vast music scene of the Twin Cities and earning a 2011 Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards nomination for “Best DJ”.

Willie Shu: Twin Cities DJ x Beat Maker