Prayers For Atheists (PFA) is the first punk band signed to Strange Famous Records (SFR), the independent Rhode Island music label owned by renowned hip hop artist Sage Francis. Fronted by longtime SFR affiliate Jared Paul and Providence song writer Alan Hague, PFA delivers the well-crafted and thought provoking lyrics that listeners have come to expect from Strange Famous. Thrashing rapidly between mid-80’s hardcore punk, counter-culture victory anthems, and politically-slanted hip hop, Prayers For Atheists gracefully snake in and out of genres while escaping lazy categorization.


Using creative concepts to address pressing topical issues, the music remains fueled by the message, while the band demonstrates a sense of victory and hope. These songs are labor testimonials, dance jams, and anti-war hymns executed with heart, craft and integrity. PFA's 2009 self-titled 8 song EP was a forceful opening statement for a group who intends on shaking things up while having fun doing it. It’s not macabre music. And it’s not cynical. That would be too easy.