Twin Cities' own rap 'hellion,' Manchita (GRRRL PRTY, Tha Clerb), is gearing up to release her debut sola project, One, with Minneapolis-based producer-performer-composer, Bionik (Aaliyah, R. Kelly, Lizzo). Though Bionik is known for his danceable, in-your-face, pulsing, electronic bass music, the EP’s production showcases an unexpected moodiness, tenderness, and an attention to subtlety that is made visible and is amplified by the gritty content of Manchita’s words, and her whispy falsetto. As a whole, the project promises to reveal a more introspective, heavy-hearted body of work centered on love, loss, and survival.

"I feel like a divided person most of the time. There's the superhero Chita in me—the confident, sarcastic, vulgar, ready to fight, warrior, survivor, twerk-enthusiast—and then there's the human Claire side of me—the soft yet forbearing, spiritually exhausted, sacred feminine, light-seeking, emotionally evolving being in progress. This sola project is about embracing all of me—the good and the bad, the joys and the aches, the tomboy and the princess, the rapper and the singer. It's a full dose." —Manchita