Blending electronica with smooth ambient surfaces, married to spacious, processed vocals in a unique groove-driven sound, Hi-Fi Cali was stemmed as a side project of Chris Bartels in the summer of 2014.

Pick any single music genre, and whatever it is, it most certainly is evolving every year. There's something exhilarating about taking something like songwriting and song production, and diving into the challenge of creating something fresh, something new and unique. Does dance music have to be constrained? Does electronica have to be consistent? Does "unique" have to be strange?

Hi-Fi Cali was born out of rough sketches and basic grooves and beats. Synthesizers, digital claps, drum machines, and sidechain compression is the bottom line for these songs. With an album in the works, Chris is laying out a small lot of evidence that dance music doesn't always have to hit hard. Evolve your art.