Granddad is a band on the search for meaning. The duo from Alaska has toured their brand of emo/punk all across the US and is always planning for more. The music combines the crunch of 90's emo with the catchiness of early '00s pop punk and their own confessional and vulnerable lyricism focusing on queer love and relationships. The band's high energy shows are emotional and empowering. Granddad knows life is short, as the name implies a certain aged playfulness; they are focused on filling this existence with love, friendship, and beautiful noise. Granddad has been featured in New Noise Magazine, The Alternative, Alaska Dispatch News, and many other blogs and publications. They have released three studio recordings with a new full-length album due in 2018.

"Granddad bring creativity to their music as if they are the very heart and soul of light itself. This is a band that people need to hear, for the sake of their emo roots trickled with indie infrastructures build over the top. The lyrics represent the band’s intelligent use of literary devices and personal reflections to move the curtain of life back and tell the world 'I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.'"
—New Noise Magazine