David Aaron Gaines, better known by his stage name Gaines, is an American rapper. He found music at an early age, elementary days to be more specific, it was here where his mother used to read her poetry to him, this would have a significant effect on Gaines' personality and subsequently his music.

He has never felt comfortable doing anything other then writing music and immediately fell in love with this form of expression. Fast forward a couple of years down the road Gaines decided it was time for his voice to be heard and starts to record at the age of 17 in his fathers basement. Gaines has always felt a chip on his shoulder as though he had something to prove to the world; no matter the circumstances. Now, he's proving himself though music.

With influences from Nas, Eminem, Micheal Jackson, Sade, Kid Cudi, and Lincoln Park. Gaines starts his journey. It was shortly after high school that Gaines released his 1st mixtape entitled Freedom Of Speech which spoke on the trials and tribulations of high school and life as a teenager though his eyes. Freedom Of Speech dropped jaws from close friends and family all alike, which gave Gaines that extra motivation he needed.

With great expectation, Gaines released a 2nd mixtape entitled Purple in September 2010. The first single "I Hate My Job" was featured on 101.3 KDWB's "The Dave Ryan In The Morning Show". Only a year after dropping his 2nd mixtape Purple and getting great feedback from radio stations, blog sites, and the fans Gaines felt it was necessary and time to make a full fledged album with all original beats. And he did, with help from some producers of Purple, which included Lazy Thunda, Dae Walker, and additional help from Rahki Smith (Grammy-award winning producer). He even had a live band added for a more interactive feel!

Gaines released his highly anticipated first album, The Night Crawler, in September 2011. The album showed Gaines as an all around artist as opposed to just a rapper, because not only did The Night Crawler feature rap, but it showed fans another side to Gaines with more of an alternative, rocker vibe combined with some commercial elements that will have generations to come listening to his music!

Since then Gaines has collaborated with names such as Chance The Rapper, Mod Sun, Toki Wright, and shared the stage with Asher Roth, Logic, and Redman to name a few. With the noise and responses of this new project Gaines is more than a force to be reckoned with a bright future ahead!