How exactly do two musicians make so much sound? The formula is different for every rock duo. For us, it’s a combination of Nick Larsen’s gigantic, thunderous rhythms and Ted Anderson’s quirky, custom “my guitar is also a bass” rig. Add to that a disciplined and hyper-analyzed approach to songwriting that best utilizes the tools and you end up with ExactlyNo.

Two-piece bands demand the most out of musicians, exposing every element and nuance with nowhere to hide. That challenge results in the most true, most organic representation of a band's sound. ExactlyNo creates a huge rock sound without the use of computers or backing tracks. With songs that walk the line between anger and vulnerability, ExactlyNo’s lyrics tap into a deeply introspective world view that tends to lean toward a darker realm of the mind. Songs like "Black Friday" examine the pitfalls of a culture that always demands more, while simultaneously destroying the very things that we hold dear.