Influenced by his earlier genre interests like indie-rock, metalcore, and hip-hop (what most American teens were into at this time), Vaski recombines these to create a style that the press and general public has eaten up. He began as many EDM youths do, making bedroom beats and figuring out software DIY style. After gaining confidence with his tools and tracks, Vaski went looking for his break the old fashioned way. He was going to community college while working as a bank teller when he finally got a reply on MySpace from Rottun Records saying they wanted to release his work. Ever since then, he’s been either on the road or in the studio.

Vaski initially found success in the dubstep world but his music has since evolved in a new exciting direction. In early 2014 he released The Explorer, a 5-track release on Smog Records. This release showed a major expansion in Vaski's sound, mixing many genres into one action-packed release. Later that year he put out Weightless, an EP where he creates a new sound by doing his signature vocal editing on top of upbeat club rhythms. This release featured a video of the title track with over 1.5 million views, premiering as one of the first ever music videos of the YouTube channel "The Sound You Need". Throughout his career Vaski has had multiple #1's in beatport dubstep, top 10's on hypem, and been supported by countless blogs.

2015 has been a year of changes and Vaski is at the forefront of developments in the music industry. He is not playing it safe, he continues to develop in new directions and push the envelope. This year finds him dropping the massive collaboration with KSHMR, "Lazer Love“ on spinnin records, and showcasing his new sound for the coming year in his track titled "Can You Feel It". Vaski’s main objective is to make people move. He has recently incited crowds across three continents and nearly a dozen countries to lose control and dance their brains out. As a DJ, 2016 finds the artist touring Australia and New Zealand again, as well as many shows across North America. For a firsthand experience of this talented young voice, keep an eye on his website and his Facebook page for info on releases and tour dates.