The Jerks: Steve Earl Brantseg, Johnny Haga, Jeffrey Willkomm, T. "Rance" Isachsen

Steve Earl Brantseg "Reno" to "Buzz" - Longest surviving continuing stretch with the Curtiss Agency. Guitar Monster first came to our attention with the PHONES. When Bob Stinson left the Replacements Tommy said to Paul, "Let's get that guy from FIGURES" Jeff Waryan got the call. Oh well. Slim Dunlap got the job; but Steve did join Tommy in his first "post" 'mats band BASH AND POP (with Steve Foley and Caleb Palmiter). Hailing from the Dakotas one of his many talents is charming "Rattlers". He'll soon be headed to the subcontinent to work with cobras and polish his award-winning Ed Grimley one man show.

Johnny Haga "Bongo" - Founding member of the HYPSTRZ and the JERKS OF FATE he knows every drummer you've ever heard of. Independently wealthy; he doesn't let his globetrotting get in the way of his musical endeavours. From his vast estate he controls the recording empire. His projects include; "No Ambition" and the DALIAHS, Gini Dodds' band. Both due sometime early this century. A true Minnesotan, his passions include iced hockey and catch and release. Highlight of his career? Curt sez: "The first of many was getting him on stage with me at M-80."

Jeffrey Willkomm "Al" - One of less than a handful (!) of graduates of both the Gary Rue Institute and the Curtiss A School of Music and Home for Wayward Girls (not to mention Berklee). Home was western Wisconson, just south of Mayberry. Now he's a Nordeaster. Providing ample bottom (!) on the bass, Curt sez: "I always look forward to his classical stylings on the six-strings during the Lennon Tributes. He's also the best most consistent vocalist I've ever worked with." Enough ass kissing. He's also the world's only expert on the arcane Allen Sherman and the band's resident accredited musical instructor.

T. "Rance" Isachsen (Some call him "Dact") - Checking in from the southern Iron Range, another Gary Rue discovery I've utilized for my own personal musical vision. When not bettering society or sleeping, his axe wielding talents fill every waking moment. Currently filling the guitar slot with the DALIAHS, the FLAMIN' OHS, SNAPS, not to mention JERKS OF FATE...and something called RAVEN'S TRAVELING CIRCUS and FREAKFEST. Evidently, Terry can lift at least 50 lbs with ease.