Dani asked Angie to be in a band with her…” Since that moment, the cousins have been playing consistently in the Twin Cities area. The group uses shows at venues such as: Triple Rock, The Kitty Cat Klub and their recent four week engagement at the Nomad World Pub to promote their particular brand of pop music. Using instruments such as the ukulele, melodica, kilimba, piano, flute, concertina, and bells, the group has a sound which works well in coffee shops as well as other venues. This unique approach led Erin Roof of the City Pages to comment, “This is pop music thinking outside the guitar-shaped box.” These seemingly quiet and sparse instruments work together with strong vocals to produce a sound that is simultaneously gentle and powerful, soul-baring and soul-affirming. The band self-released their first EP, This Has to Be Meant to Be, at the Kitty Cat Klub in February. They recently began sessions for their follow-up at Flowers Studio which will be released in the Fall. [Theodore Stassen]

"with the duo's first full length, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I, Lewis and Krube expand their instrumental repertoire, but keep simplistic songwriting intact. Lewis has a special voice. Her beautiful vibrato bespeaks her years of training in opera." [Erin Roof, City Pages]

"The Chord and the Fawn is lead by the string-plucking, flowery-dress-wearing duo Danielle Lewis and Angela Krube. Lewis' vocals recall Michelle's [Lucy] sweet songbird style with some of Joni Mitchell's siren-like folky delivery, and her ukulele playing sounds as if it were washed ashore straight from Hawaii." [C.R. The VitaMn]