Instead of studying for her first-year college courses, DJ Babyghost learned how to mix and used any remaining free time to attend shows and take notes on other DJs. Soon enough, the bookings started rolling in. This recently included a set in the mix of the local lineup at the Cabooze's recent Buckfest, and a set to support EDM duo Bonnie X Clyde at Barfly tonight is in order.

The range of events she plays at draws back to the genres of music she listens to, including rap, techno and metal. Particularly, she plays a lot of house and hip-hop music live and is sure to include tracks by local artists in her mixes. "I love seeing people dance to music made in their own city," she explained.

Beyond promoting local artists in a live setting, DJ Babyghost uses her pulse on the up-and-coming homegrown acts to spread new music via social media too. Specifically, every few months she puts together a SoundCloud playlist featuring Minnesotan artists. Any given playlist on her page includes a range of tracks, like alternative hip-hop songs by artists like Allan Kingdom and Gaines, rap tracks by emcees like Juice Lord and Rich Garvey, and electronic sounds from producers like Travis Gorman and Shrimpnose. [5 Twin Cities hip-hop and R&B artists to watch this summer, GoMN]