Ahead of Gully Boys’ performance at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2018 in the First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, January 4, we got to ask Kathy, Nadirah and Natalie, who make up the three-piece, a few questions. Read what they had to say below:

Sophie Stephens: You seem to have a busy end of fall/winter coming up with lots of shows on the calendar, what do you do to prepare for this?
Gully Boys: We practice twice a week! We dedicate one practice to writing new music and learning covers for practice and dedicate another practice to cleaning up our set! We are crazy busy boys outside of this band so those two practices really help us hone in on our sound and prep us for gigs.

SS: You define yourself as “three scrappy boys writing songs in a basement” how do you feel your band has developed since your basement era to where you are now? 
GB: We STILL practice in a basement but are less scrappy and more intentional. We’ve managed to figure out how to translate our basement tunes into venue bangers. 

SS: The album you released in August, Not So Brave, fuses together several genres. Which artists most heavily influence your themes and sound?
GB: The most prevalent genres that influences us are  Motown, R&B, and early 2000 pop-punk. 
Nat- No doubt baselines   
Kathy- Early Mariah Carey  
Nadi- Spencer Smith of Panic! at the Disco

SS: Where did the band name Gully Boys come from, and what’s the significance behind it?
GB: Kathy loved Fern Gully as a lil kid and we wanted to be like all the boy bands we idolized as teenagers so boom.  

Blog by Sophie Stephens (Marketing Intern)