Q: You guys have played First Avenue’s Mainroom a number of times, what excites you about this particular show?
A: Well, it's the end of May, which seems to be the best time of the year in the Twin Cities. Lilacs are in bloom and it isn't too hot yet to be outside all day. Also, people aren't too spoiled yet by the weather, so you have people like me thinking this is cloud 9. Also, it's our second time headlining the Mainroom, so that in itself is a very special thing. It's always a treat getting to play the Mainroom, headlining is a whole other kind of delight. We have some new jams! Plus, we have great acts like Anonymous Choir opening = it should be a damn fine evening.

Q: You’ve been down in Austin, TX recording new material with Jim Eno from Spoon. What has that been like?
A: It's been great so far! Jim's really nice and down for our sound so I think we should have a great 3rd album coming out...not entirely sure when people will hear it though...We're knee deep in it all. Exploring new sounds with him has been the highlight.

Q: What was the songwriting process like?
A: My landlord took away the basement rehearsal space near the end of the Pennied Days writing (long story), so since the last record I haven't been able to get too loud during the demoing process, so I've found myself doing more keyboard based songs. I've basically brought in my demos to Jim and we've been seeing if we can beat the demo sounds I've dialed in. It's good that he's a drummer, because he's helped add in drums tones we dig in addition to all the Night Moves-y drum machine bits we use.

Q: Any chance we’ll hear anything new at the show?
A: I hope so

Be sure to catch Night Moves at First Avenue tonight!