Ahead of Early Eyes show in the 7th St. Entry , we got to ask Jake Berglove a few questions. Read what he had to say below, and don’t miss them in the 7th St. Entry on Friday, March 2.

Liz Legatt: Which Early Eyes song best describes you as a group?

Jake Berglove: I
think our Magnum Opus as of now, is “Penelope.” It’s a song that we
have a lot of emotional connections to and its probably one of our
most musically dense songs. Also, its a song that has really evolved
with us as we grew, like there have been minor rewrites all over the
board and as we learned more about making music together and writing
music together, a lot of that development was channeled
into “Penelope”. Lately though, every time we write a song, and its
still new and fresh in our heads, that always feels like the best
description of us you know?  Like when we write a new song, it really
feels like the most present and up-to-date representation
of the band. Speaking of new songs, odds are very high we might play a
few of them at the entry ;) ;)

LL: I’m assuming, that since you’ve recently released a song called
“Coffee”, you’re all coffee people. How do you take your drink?

JB: Warm
drinks and I go way back. If I end up at a worldwide coffee shop,
possibly named after a minor character in Moby Dick (hint. hint.)
I usually take my coffee black, maybe if the day is getting to me,
black with a shot of espresso. If I do, however, end up at an
establishment of higher character, I am super into a good Miel. Like
holy shit into Miels.

LL: There is so much debate surrounding who’s performed the best Superbowl
half-time show of all time. In light of the recent Superbowl
in Minnesota, care to weigh in?

list of my favorites are Prince, obviously. Also, I think Bruno Mars
and Co. was probably the grooviest Super Bowl I’ve seen. Beyoncé with
“Formation” in the middle of Coldplay’s
performance was everything I wanted and more. As for JT, I think It was
pretty okay. I definitely don’t think it deserved all the hate it
received. There was a lot of angry bleed over from people hating Man of the Woods,
which is fair, but I think the
rest of the show was pretty rad. The Tennessee Kids throw down. The one
thing that I really was upset about, though was that JT didn’t reunite
NSYNC for a one-night-only rendition of “Dirty Bop”. That song is
vanity. I was only crying a little.

Fun Fact: my first concert ever was NSYNC . I was probably like 2 years old, but it was right after No Strings Attached came out.

LL: Collectively, as a band, how many hats would you say you own?

JB: More
than you’d expect, but less than you’d hope for. The thing is, we share
a bunch of hats with each other, so on the surface, It may
look like we have quite the collection, but I think our hat game is,
for the most part, pretty modest compared to most Minneapolis

LL: If you could claim any piece of art as your own, what would it be?

JB: Like if I got to steal anybody’s art for myself?

really want to write a book, or screenplay, or something like that.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love music, but I feel like If
I have a musical idea, I can usually figure out how to turn it into a
reality. Lately, I’ve just been obsessed with putting together a
narrative and building characters in a form that gives me more that 5
minutes of music, you know? It’s something I’m still
figuring out, so I’d probably want to claim something like that. I
think I’d probably take Slaughterhouse 5  that’s one of my
favorite books. To be honest, one of my many guilty pleasures is teen
coming of age novels, so maybe I’d claim a John Green
novel, or something similar.

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