By Logan Lanphere (First Avenue Marketing Intern)

Chad Ubovich returns to Meatbodies this year afer working with Ty Segall on Fuzz and doesn’t miss a beat on Alice. Building off the crunchy garage rock he’s been working on with Segall, Ubovich delivers an aggressive psychedelic rock record that’ll leave you head banging.

This second effort for Meatbodies represents a growth for the band over the last three years, with guitar work above and beyond what we’ve seen from them in the past. In addition, Ubovich brings unique vocals that play off of the effects pedals beautifully.

The record starts with it’s most atmospheric track, but really hits its stride with ‘Kings’, a noise rocker with some sweet little breaks from the overdrive. For me though, the album is at its best on 'Creature Feature’ because this is the best example of Meatbodies expertly combining fuzzy power chords with a trippy melody to create a real sense of rebellion as they sing about denying societal norms.

Check out the new Meatbodies album Alice, and you can catch them at 7th St Entry Tomorrow! Get Your Tickets!