Ahead of this year’s Best New Bands showcase in the Mainroom on January 18, we’re getting to know some of the bands performing that night. Here, we ask Lady Midnight a few questions.

By Emily Hoar

Emily Hoar: In which directions are you hoping your artistic community will evolve in 2017? 

Lady Midnight: As we enter uncertain political times in 2017, times that will greatly impact immigrant communities and communities of color, I hope my artistic community of healers and leaders step into and hold higher places of power to lead and share the stories that nourish our survival. 

EH: What jobs have you done other than being an artist? 

LM: Most of my employment has been art related within the realm of education, curation, and photography/design. However, I have worked in restaurants as a host, server, cashier, retail shops, personal care attendant…but the most rewarding non arts job was definitely being a Sex-Ed teacher and curriculum evaluator on a research project with the U of M. I got to teach 10-14 year olds and their parents about healthy communication, relationships, and sex safety to Latino families twice a week for 4 months. It was glorious and life changing. 

EH: What themes do you try to emphasize in your music? 

LM: Healing, honesty, strength and connection. My writing comes from my experience and those of the collective conscious and is an invitation to explore vulnerability and darkness as way to illuminate or gain knowledge and strength.