The Jezabels
headline 7th St Entry on November 22, and ahead of the show, we got to ask Sam Lockwood (guitar) a few questions. Read the interview below, and don’t miss them with special guests Surf Rock Is Dead on the 22nd. 

By Les Poling

Les Poling: You’ve been to Minnesota a few times before, last in 2014. Anything you’re looking forward to experiencing this time around? 

Sam Lockwood: We’re not playing at the Triple Rock this time, but I love the area surrounding that venue. There are some cool things to see there. Downtown Minneapolis is really great too. Anywhere we go to in the US gets us excited. 

LP: Since the last time you were in Minneapolis, you’ve been through a lot as a group, the most obvious thing being Heather’s illness. Do you think Synthia would be the (awesome) album it is if it was made under different circumstances? 

SL: Life is complicated and shit things happen all the time - I think that we’ve just had a rough few years and the album definitely reflects that in some way. It’s actually a bit personal to talk about all of this - but all I’ll say is that we’re (overly) sensitive people and sometimes life hits you around a bit. 

LP: You’re starting the North American leg of your tour right at the conclusion of an intense and ugly American election cycle. It seems like xenophobia and misogyny, among other things, are on the rise. What are your thoughts on the political role musicians can play as creators and performers? Do international politics have a noticeable effect on the way any of you approach music – writing and/or touring? 

SL: I think that pop culture has proven to be the most effective propaganda machine. Trump’s election has showed that if you have a powerful place in the popular mind, you can literally do anything. We’re just a small band. So against this background, our responsibility within the major culture industry could be just to provide solace to those beaten down by those more violent ideologues.

LP: And finally, in as few words as possible, how would you sum up a tour with The Jezabels? 

SL: It’s generally great. As I said we’re sensitive flowers so we do get a bit emo. Amongst the emotion there is a lot of fun too.