Monday: Nethan | Tabah | Buffalo Fuzz

Local Minneapolis indie band, Nethan, has released their first official EP in the last few months and is currently working on their first album. Stay tuned! Next we have Tabah, a spirited and dynamic group committed to their pursuit of a sound that is uniquely theirs. Their debut EP Time Will Come, released in June of 2015, reflected on their challenging and unique experiences of living in the increasingly tumultuous atmosphere of being a young adult. Finally we have Buffalo Fuzz, a two-piece rock n' roll band from Minneapolis, MN made up of Jared Zachary and Jake Allan.

Tuesday: The Missing Letters | The Modern Era

The Missing Letters: Maybe it has to do with the cold outside that keeps generation after generation of kids fostering the instinctual drive of alternative rock. Whatever it is, the music continues to stay hot, and now, that heat embodies itself in The Missing Letters. The band has played showcases at Austin's SXSW, Cleveland's Burning River Festival, Deleware's Firefly, New York's Mercury Lounge, pulled off an 18 city national summer tour, and have supported numerous national acts. Their latest album, Lucille, was released in November of 2016.

The Modern Era: The Modern Era is a four-piece rock group formed in 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. The band is fronted by Jack Swagger, a charming twenty-something little brat that even Steven Tyler would say has too much energy. The backbone of the group lies in bassist Nick Pelowski and guitarist Ben Pelowski respectively, while drummer Bob Joslyn provides the heartbeat rhythm. The band's scrappy debut album, Too Loud? Too Bad! is a 16-track marathon of a record that showcases a band in the most early and raw part of their career, and the promise that is shown throughout.

Wednesday: Lady Midnight - Midnight Special

Lady Midnight has been featured on Twin Cities Public Television’s Lowertown Line and MN Original. Formerly lead vocalist of afro-cuban band Malamanya, she is a member of underground electronic group VANDAAM and ensemble member of 9th House, a collaborative project from Twin Cities elite MC’s I Self Devine & Muja Messiah with whom she performed at the 2016 hip-hop festival Soundset. In addition she has contributed to past and upcoming recorded projects from Brother Ali, Sonny Knight & The Lakers, Sarah White, Jayanthi Kyle, Maria Isa, Mike the Martyr, Adept, Sloslylove and Noahs Heark.

Midnight Special is a curated night of music by vocalist Lady Midnight. The event features live vocals from Lady Midnight over live production sets from J.Hard, MMYYKK, and Sloslylove and DJ Keezy on the 1's and 2's. The night is sponsored by Sound Verite Records, The Litestyle Observer and AMHour.

Sounds like: Brandon Mitchell, Cecil B., Paul Phillips

Thursday: Mayda

Mayda is a young, yet seasoned Korean Adoptee multi-musician/artist/producer from the land of 10,000 Lakes. Mayda’s music has been featured locally as well as internationally. Numerous songs of Mayda’s have been on the Rachael Ray show, Good Morning America, KFC youtube, Reebok Seoul commercials, Jersey Shore, and cable networks such as Showtime and MTV. Recently, Mayda has just signed with South Korean Indie Label, Musicaroma/Feel Good Inc and will be releasing a brand new batch of songs in the beginning and end of this year in addition to collaborating with Mu Theater Arts.

Sounds like: San Lunes, Onomatopea, Fantastic Orchestra

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Friday: American Wrestlers

How do you improve an already striking set of stripped-down, homemade pop? Gary McClure, the St. Louis-by-way-of Scotland songwriter behind American Wrestlers, a once anonymous project that became one of the year’s best new bands, believes it’s about being true to the basics. While working a warehouse job for UPS in Missouri, McClure began experimenting and recording what would become the first American Wrestlers album, and the momentum and reception built since then has allowed him to stretch out and refine a new album of songs with a full band, which includes Imperial, who plays keyboard, as well as Ian Reitz on bass and Josh Van Hoorebeke on drums. McClure’s new set of bouncing, well-crafted songs show that musical youth is not always wasted on the young.

Sounds like: LVL UP, Flock of Dimes, Ultimate Painting

Saturday: Paper Lions

The Paper Lions are an indie rock band from Belfast, PEI whose music shines with sunny melodies and tales of lost youth. Equally influenced by the clear-voiced harmonies of the Beach Boys and the clanging guitars of modern rock, at the heart of the band are long-standing friendships and vibrant pop songs based on the sandy shores of their remote island province. The new album, My Friends, is based on themes of adolescence and youth but marks maturation in the band’s writing. Rob and John MacPhee are brothers, Colin Buchanan is their childhood neighbour, and David Cyrus MacDonald they met in high school, but it took time and effort, practicing in garages and playing in clubs across North America, to become the band they are now.

Sounds like: The Zolas, Arkells, Hollerado

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Sunday: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band - The Instigator Tour

Kevin Devine is an independent singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. He plays alone, with his Goddamn Band, and as a member of Bad Books. Devine released his ninth full-length album, Instigator, in October 2016 via Procrastinate!

Sounds like: Manchester Orchestra, Two Tongues, David Bazan



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