Monday: Cymbals Eat Guitars

The band, composed of singer/guitarist Joseph D’Agostino, bassist Whipple, keyboardist Brian Hamilton, and drummer Andy Dole, have crafted what’s easily their most sonically enigmatic and most rewarding album to date, Pretty Years. Their trademark cacophonic guitar rock and innate propulsion are still abundant, but they’re buttressed by raucous synth and keyboard lines, and an extemporaneous saxophone performance, which enrich when they could easily clutter these songs.

Sounds like: Titus Andronicus, Cloud Nothings, Surfer Blood

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Tuesday: Swear and Shake | Lauren Shera

Swear and Shake has gone from city to city connecting people in the same way: by taking listeners on a ride through heart-wrenching ballads, only to pick it up on the next song with something people can dance to and lose themselves in completely. In August of 2014 the band released its third set of recordings, Ain't That Lovin'.

Sounds like: The Last Bison, Seryn, Bombadil

Lauren Shera's musical sound can be described as "California folk". Her DigSin debut Gold and Rust marks the distinguished national bow of a literally prodigious singer-songwriter who, having spent half of her young life as a professional musician, is now destined to capture the national spotlight. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s album – her third, following two independently released titles – is Shera’s musical farewell to her home state of California.

Sounds like: Sarah Jarosz, Angel Snow, Hannah Miller

Wednesday: Born Ruffians

Over four albums, Born Ruffians have developed a signature aesthetic that encompasses tightly wound, trapezoidal songs frothing over with hooks and wryly cathartic lyrics. The group has garnered favorable comparisons to such quirky pop infiltrators as the Talking Heads, The Pixies and The Strokes. Onstage, the band is arousing and assaulting, coming off somewhere between a riot and a soul revue. Born Ruffians are Luke Lalonde (guitar/vocals), Mitch Derosier (bass), Andy Lloyd (guitar/keyboard) and Adam Hindle (drums).

Sounds like: Islands, Dr. Dog, Ra Ra Riot

Thursday: The Let's Go's

The Let's Go's are a Japanese girls band formed in Tokyo in 2006. This year they have released their third album, I Hate the Let's Go's.

Sounds like: The Milkees, Thee 50's High Teens, Shonen Knife

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Friday: Matt Hires - Record Release Show

Matt Hires draws his stylistic inspiration from old and new strains of Americana with a pop sensibility. His most recent album, American Wilderness, the striking new Rock Ridge Music album by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Matt Hires, pays off the promise the musician makes to himself in “Begin Again,” one of the album’s key songs, to “shake the dust and start over.”

Sounds like: The Milkees, Cantoy, THE MADAME CATS


Saturday: Zombie Pub Crawl

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Thor Canadian Heavy Metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia founded in 1977 by Jon Mikl Thor.

Impaler is a Minnesota horror rock band from the Twin Cities. The band formed in the spring of 1983 with founding members Bill Lindsey (vocals), Michael James Torok (guitar), "Commander" Court Hawley (bass), Robert "Meaty Bob" Johnson (drums), and Mike Senn (guitar). Bill Lindsey is the sole continuing member of Impaler, keeping the band alive for more than 30 years.

Dawn of Valor is a hard-hitting power metal band from St. Paul, MN. They are said to have killer twin-guitar riffs; thunderous basslines backing up incredible drum beats, and melodic and powerful vocal lines create memorable songs you want to listen to again and again!.

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Sunday: Sticky Fingers

Made up of Dylan Frost – Vocals & Guitar, Paddy Fingers – Bass & Vocals, Seamus (Hollywood) – Lead Guitar, Freddy Crabs - Keys, Beaker Best – Drums/Percussion, STIFI is a melting pot of reggae, psych, pop and bourbon. They hypnotise you into a swaying trance, then punch you in the face for dancing like a hippy. Their borderline contradictory fusion of flavours speaks to every walk of life, and it’s this multiplicity which makes the world their oyster.

Sounds like: Tuka, Allday, Meg Mac, DMA's, DZ Deathrays


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