First Avenue Campus Representative Position Description

(must be enrolled as a student at a College/University in the Metro Area)


  • Distribute flyers/calendars/posters to campus areas weekly, put up new/take down old promotional materials 
  • Send photo confirmation to weekly log for tracking of work, or email to Street Team coordinator • Handbill shows/events a minimum of once a month 
  • Digital component: promote a First Avenue & 7th St Entry show at least once a month via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • Keep up to date on campus events where there could be potential for promo and communicate these with coordinator 
  • Communicate with designated locations and inform Street Team Coordinator on any changes to location’s policy on flyers/posters/calendars etc. 
  • Cover campus-specific locations and suggest new ideas 
  • Keep coordinator updated on vacations or conflicts in schedule • Coordinate with campus groups, clubs, newspapers, radio stations etc. to work with on promotional efforts 
  • Team member is expected to know the ins-and-outs of campus and where the best locations for promo are in relation to the student body on campus 


  • Stay up to date with requests from the coordinator (emailed or via the Facebook group) about events that need extra help on social media 
  • Check event pages and interact when activity seems low 
  • Communicate with campus groups, clubs, newspapers, radio stations etc. about collaborating on social media giveaways and show promo 


  • Outgoing  
  • Passionate about the Minneapolis music scene 
  • Self-motivated
  • Respectful 


  • Staff pass allows admission +0 for all shows in the Mainroom and 7th St Entry unless specified in advance that pass is not valid 
  • Purchase of drink tickets at the venue 
  • Other incentives offered when team member exceeds expectations


Poster Design Assistant Position Description


  • Assist in the design and organization of posters for all upcoming shows at First Avenue, 7th St Entry, the Turf Club, and all affiliated venues
  • Must commit 5-10 hours/week. Can work remotely. 


  • Adobe Photoshop proficient 
  • Must be highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Previous experience proofreading a plus 


  • Admission +1 to shows (as available - exceptions apply) 


Email with a resume to apply (please specify which position you would like to apply for)