Monday: A Silent Film

Formed in Oxford, UK, by Robert Stevenson (vocals/piano) and Spencer Walker (drums), A Silent Film's expansive and poetic pop-rock sound has garnered comparisons to everyone from Coldplay to The Killers to U2. A Silent Film returned on October 16, 2015 with the follow up to the critically acclaimed Sand & Snow: the new full-length studio album, A Silent Film.

Sounds like: Civil Twilight, Sleeper Agent, The Mowgli's


Tuesday: Rank Strangers | Posh Lost | Holly & The Varlots | Harper's Jar

Rank Strangers: "original independent rock music, established 1990 based in minneapolis, minnesota the united states of amerika." Rank Strangers celebrates their 25th year of existence with a trio of albums:Lady President, Ringtones, and The Box

Posh Lost: Posh Lost began in 2012 as the dream pop project of Jeff Cornell, Sean Neppl, and Jackson Woolsey. Growing up together in suburban Minnesota, these longtime friends holed up in Sean’s parents’ basement, fleshing out early tracks. Joined by Jordan Bleau on drums and Emmy Carter on synthesizers, the band released their first EP, Between Themselves, under the band name Gloss on Forged Artifacts in 2014.

Holly & The Varlots: A dark rock group from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Harper's Jar: An art rock group from Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of members Devin Ware, Ian Nelson, and Adam Meyer.

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Wednesday: John Chuck & The Class - CD Release Party

Rapper JC "John Chuck" Stroebel and producer Henry "The Class" Donato have been making music together since childhood. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, they've modeled their talents and ambitions after the vibrant musical culture around them. Their latest project, John Chuck & The Class, aims to bring fresh new sound and perspective to the local music scene.

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Thursday: Hemmingbirds

Hemmingbirds came into formation through the scattered collection of songs by Yoo Soo Kim. The band's latest release, Half a Second, was released in February 2016. A 4-track EP, Half a Second is a tight collection of indie pop songs that reflect on fleeting moments of life.

Sounds like: Folded Light, Broken Anchor, Dead Recipe

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Friday: Tribulation

Swedish metal band TRIBULATION released their third album, THE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, on Century Media Records in April 2015 after wrapping up a US tour with genre titans BEHEMOTH and CANNIBAL CORPSE. TRIBULATION formed in 2004 in the west of Sweden and quickly gained underground reputation with their first demo and the Putrid Rebirth EP in 2006.

Sounds like: Morbus Chron, Vampire, Gruesome


Sunday: Bora York | Good Night Gold Dust | The Prams

Bora York: Creating a stir in their hometown of Minneapolis and online, their new song "Let Loose," served as the birth of a second album, Secret Youth, that was written by frontman Chris Bartels. Brian Seidel (vocals, guitar, keys), Bjorn Nilsen (drums), and Jamie) Kauppi (bass) join Chris and Rebekah to complete the outfit and create an exciting live experience.

Good Night Gold Dust: Good Night Gold Dust is a Mankato, MN-based electro indie pop quartet comprised of vocalists / guitarists Laura Schultz and Colin Scharf, drummer Michelle Roche, and synth player Zachary Arney. Formed in Spring 2014, this lineup teamed up with Minneapolis producer Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, John Mark Nelson) to record their first studio EP, self-titled Good Night Gold Dust.

The Prams: The Minneapolis-based vibey-folk duo, The Prams, has gracefully merged folk roots with electronic overtones to create a unique sound layered with perfectly tailored harmonies. The husband/wife duo have been writing and recording together since 2011, including a Christmas EP, an original song for a documentary shown in theaters across the nation (Travis: A Soldiers Story), a 2-song EP Monsters & Parachutes released in 2014, and a single “Meant to Be” released early 2015.

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