Tuesday: Black Lips

Playing garage-flavored punk rock with a Southern accent, a messed-up and bluesy undertow, and the gleefully destructive impact of a 15-year-old with a bag of firecrackers, the Black Lips are an Atlanta-based combo who, after their debut in 2000, soon developed a reputation as one of the Peach State's wildest bands. Their most recent album is 2014's Underneath the Rainbow.

Sounds like: Ty Segall, King Tuff, The Orwells

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Wednesday: Gallows Bound | Whiskeydick

Gallows Bound: Being raised in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stemming from three chord punk rock provides for a unique twist on traditional instruments. With their first album Empty Flask, Empty Heart, the songs are described as an "aggressive yet melodic collection" ranging from fast and punchy tales of rambling and love, to dark and soulful songs birthed from whiskey and regret.

Sounds Like: Filthy Still, Everymen, Urban Pioneers

Whiskeydick: "At the lonesome crossroads where country and metal intersect, stand two swaggering badasses holding acoustic guitars. They're not interested in your soul they have plenty of soul already." ~ Kevin Kurtain. The "Heavy Metal Honky Tonk" tandem, who formed in 2004, have produced 9 indie releases with their most recent album being The Bastard Sons of Texas

Sounds Like: Bob Wayne, Bourbon Crow, Hellbound Glory

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Thursday: Red Mountain | Glitteratti | Al Church Band

Red Mountain: Red Mountain is the moniker of Duluth-based, multi-media artist Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl (AJK). Fatherhood, love, fanfare, angst, amazement, and camaraderie, is being translated into percussive pop ballads on Red Mountain’s first full-length album, Scowl Lightly.

Glitteratti: Glitteratti is an acoustic/electric rock outfit formed in Duluth, MN in 2013. The band consists of Marc Gartman (Fever Dream, Two Many Banjos), Dave Carroll (Trampled By Turtles, Two Many Banjos), Tim Saxhaug (Trampled By Turtles, Dead Man Winter) and Kyle Keegan (Ben Howard, Hiss Golden Messenger). Their sets are a mix of Gartman originals and classic covers that range from The Everly Brothers to Pink Floyd.

Al Church Band: Al Church's new solo LP, Next Summer, is a suite of pop confections conjuring up carefree days of his youth. Like much of his past work, Next Summer has plenty of heart beneath the gloss of the dance-party jams.

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Friday: The Twilight Hours

Matt Wilson and John Munson have been playing music together off and on for about twenty years. After a few projects together, they formed the rockband, The Twilight Hours. The band features wonderful musicians, Jacques Wait on guitar, David Salmela on piano, and Steve Roehm on drums. Together the guys produce a sinuous groove, over which Matt sings his melodious poetry.

Sounds like: The New Standards, The Melismatics, The Arms Akimbo

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Saturday: The Karma Kicks | Greyhound Groove | Saint Paul Mudsteppers

The Karma Kicks: Two Andy's & a Dave. The Karma Kicks are a band from St. Paul, MN. So go on and get your kicks, just remember that the Karma Kicks back. Formed in early 2012, kickin' it since 2002, still jammin' and recording, playing live as often as they can.

Saint Paul Mudsteppers: The Saint Paul Mudsteppers play country blues inspired by the recorded works of the early 1900's in the Deep South. Their main source of material is the great Mississippi Sheiks, but the Mudsteppers do not try to be a carbon copy. The band tries to present this old music in a new and energetic way.

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Sunday: Jazz Brunch with James Buckley Trio

Sunday morning jazz with a side of French toast? We thought it was a good idea, too. The James Buckley Trio take the stage so you can bebop your way through breakfast.




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