Monday: Mrs. | The Florists | Wretch | Nomenclatures

Mrs. Mrs. is a new local outfit made up of three pseudonyms (Dojo Holliday, Gravey Graves, and Chizzy Chizek). Their debut record Cave, however is great enough to make the aliases seem superfluous. Cave is made up of obliquely-timed post punk, led by Dojo Holliday’s deliriously frenzied vocals. Graves and Chizek back him on guitar and drums respectively.

The Florists The Florists are three friendly people (Joe Kellen, Jared Hemming, Luke Michaels) from Minneapolis that play noisy pop songs about kitchens, seraphim, and the way you comb your hair. The young band released an explosive set of demos in November 2015. Combining spastic arrangements, catchy, rhythmic hooks and an intense live presence, this three-piece storms the stage with manic glee.

Wretch No Apologies. No Regrets. No Guitars.

Nomenclatures Nomenclatures is the pseudonym of experimental elec­tronic producer Chris Murphy of Minneapolis, Minne­sota. Their music explores the sounds of filmic dance, noise pop, psyche­delic jazz, and ambient scores through the mixture of found sounds, field record­ings, elec­tronic invention and alter­nate history jazz. Chris Murphy began producing in January 2015.

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Tuesday: Mothers

Mothers began in 2013 as the solo project of Athens, Georgia-based visual artist Kristine Leschper while she studied printmaking at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. She later developed a love for experimental music, math rock, and noise artists, including Lighting Bolt, Hella, Don Caballero, and Tera Melos. Upon the most recent album’s completion in January 2015, the new quartet line-up steadily played local shows throughout the spring and summer, including at festivals like ATHfest and Slingshot.

Sounds like: Porches, Mitski, Big Thief


Wednesday: Electric Western (Rock N Roll | Soul Dance Party)

Nashville and Atlanta's #1 Rock and Soul Dance Party. Famous in Nashville simply as "The Monday Night Dance Party," ELECTRIC WESTERN presides over their wildly successful weekly rock and soul dance party, now in its eighth year. J's JACOB JONES and RENO BO spin a hand-selected mix of the most danceable popular and obscure 50's and 60's Rock and Roll, Soul, Doo Wop, Girl Groups and Garage Rock, and will now be bringing their show to Minneapolis!

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Thursday: Fraea

Fraea is the Minneapolis-based duo of Jessie Daley and Drew Preiner who together combined to create musing, hypnotic shadow pop. Bend Your Bones, their debut EP, is a sonic landscape that’s so colorful it's dark, so moody it's approachable, so pixelated it's smooth.

Sounds like: Purity Ring, Katie McBride, FKA twigs

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Friday: Toys That Kill

Todd Congelliere gave birth to F.Y.P (Five Year Plan) in 1989, out of Torrance, California. After 10 years of performing, Todd pulled the plug on F.Y.P. and transitioned into his new band conception: Toys that Kill. Since the beginning, Toys That Kill have pushed the envelope at their own pace and on their own terms. Almost all of Toys That Kill’s records have been released on Recess Records and they fairly recently started doing their own recordings (last two records) at Todd’s homemade studio, Clown Sound. Thier most recent album is Sentimental Ward.

Sounds like: Future Virgins, Sass Dragons, Chinese Telephones


Saturday: Mac Irv (Album Release Party) - SOLD OUT

North side Minneapolis born and bred Mac Irv gained a love for all music at an early age which stemmed from living next door to Fred Steele of the gospel music legends the "Steele Family" and directly across the street from musician Cornbread Harris, father of the legendary Jimmy Jam. Also inspired by "The artist Formerly known as Prince" a legendary musician who comes from the exact neighborhood where Mac Irv grew up with his extraordinary singing, song writing, and performing ability. Mac is the sole definition of hip hop, extremely lyrical but also very woman friendly with the music and on the eyes.

Sounds like: Tate Kobang, Baby E, Syph


Sunday: The Burnt Waffles

An alternative band from Minneapolis, MN comprised of Max Povejsil, Griffin Johnson, Eli Curry, Quinn Ryan, and Joe Nagy. Fellow locals Dead Nude Models and Moonshie Sax will open.

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