We recently caught up with DJ Jake Rudh ahead of Transmission next week. Check out the Q&A below, and make sure to check him out in the Mainroom for Transmission: Cruel Summer on Saturday, August 22nd!

Q: You’re known for curating playlists which have a bit more of a throwback/retro feel to them, but what do you think is the summer jam of 2015?

A: I am definitely a DJ who likes to tie-in influences and piece together music history on the dance floor.  Most folks think of Transmission as an ‘80s night, which I completely get as I do play loads of great alternative classics from that era, but the regulars know that at any moment they can be dancing to a track from the ‘60s - today.  From Joy Division into Interpol and The Beatles into Tame Impala…it happens every week.

On that note, Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen” still gets me with every listen and is my jam of the summer.  Though I’m really digging on the new Lower Dens full length “Escape From Evil" and enjoyed seeing them in the Entry.

Q: You’ve been around the Twin Cities for quite some time. What’s the most memorable show you’ve seen in the Mainroom?

A: I’ve been attending shows at First Avenue frequently for 23 years, so that is an extremely tough question. I can say that there have been a few special moments where artists I’ve opened for have thanked me from the stage…most recently Beach House. Those are always nice touches as I take my sets very seriously and make sure every track and video I play before the act begins is being done so for a reason.

Outside of those moments, being able to see music heroes such as Iggy Pop, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Blur, Pulp intimately has been a thrill and never gets old. Appearing in a video for Elastica that was filmed at the club was pretty awesome as well!