The Twin Cities’ very own Ginstrings will be making their Mainroom debut on Friday, August 14th. Check out their Q&A below!

Q: This will be your first time playing the Mainroom. What are you most excited about?

A: As local Minneapolis/St. Paul musicians, we are excited to perform in one of the most historic music venues in Minneapolis. First Avenue is a pillar for the live music scene in our city. We are lucky to have supportive family and friends that have helped us get to this milestone in our lives. It’s not always easy to tell your parents that I’m not going to college and I am going to pursue music, but this is the point where you are proud and they are too. This is truly going to be a night we remember for the rest of our lives.

Q: What was the first show you attended in the Mainroom?

A: As most of us have been going to First Avenue for many years, only a few of us can remember our first shows. Gavin Haskin of Ginstrings’ first show was Children of Bodom when he was only 13! Jon Miller of Ginstrings recalls his first show being Reel Big Fish in the Mainroom. Jon says, “I still have the ticket stub!”