Chris and Patricia met at First Avenue over two years ago at a Django Django concert. Now engaged, they’re bringing it full circle by seeing Django Django this Sunday in the Mainroom! Check out what the couple had to say below:

“First Avenue is such a special place for Chris and I since we met there over two years ago at the Django Django concert. Who would have known that when two friend groups collided, sparks would fly?! Well, we like to think we had a little extra luck on our side since it was St. Patrick’s Day as well!

I am glad you reminded us that Django Django will be coming back! We are on a tight wedding budget (our wedding is actually next month!) so we have been trying to limit all the extra concerts and activities until after the big day just to save on expenses, but I am going to try to convince my fiance that we should splash out and see the show. After all, they were the band that brought us together, right? And it would be rather poetic to have them be the first band we saw together and the last band we see together before becoming man and wife. Perfect timing if you ask me…”

Patricia Moir (almost Klisch) and Chris Klisch

We wish Chris and Patricia all the best, and we’re happy to have played a part in their story!