Getting his start in music as the frontman of L.A. indie pop/Americana outfit Last December, RG wasted no time finding his own voice as a solo artist, with a debut full-length (2013's New Eyes) and a slew of singles under his belt. However, Pete RG's solo efforts have proven to be an even stronger collaborative effort, working closely with drummer Scotty Kormos and bassist Adam Kury along with Kabler. It's a revelation that's present within each song off of Pete RG's latest effort, Lightning Strikes. Helping further bring the new album to life was multi-instrumentalist/co-producer Brina Kabler, who RG refers to as his, “musical Swiss Army Knife,” and a massive influence, musically. While Kormos won't be able to join RG on the road due to previous commitments, filling in will be Pearl Jam's original drummer Dave Krusen. Regarding what fans can expect from the band in a live setting, RG explains “It's a certainty that every song will be somewhat different every night. The changes aren't planned, they're just felt. Supporting Pete RG on Monday night will be local trio The Listings and former Western Fifth frontman Ryan Holweger.


Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle. Jucifer has spent all year, every year on the road since moving into their tour vehicle 12 years ago. They typically utilize a wall of speakers approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet wide. The band has performed steadily and released albums through the 90's and 00's on both major and indie labels as well as recently founding their own Nomadic Fortress label which is distributed by Relapse. Opener Witchden formed in July of 2010 after singer Jason Micah, and drummer Jeff Moen got in contact about a possible project. Micah brought guitarist Adam Alexander Rivkin into the group and Moen asked bassist Andrew Green join. Then, the foursome wrote their first song during their initial jam session and never looked back. Along with Tiger Blue was formed in Duluth, MN in the spring of 2005. After a number of line up changes and relocating to Minneapolis, MN, a Tiger Blue EP was finally completed and released in March of 2012. Combining elements of thrash, punk, pop, and rock (punk meets thrash meets Zeppelin.)

Sounds Like: Slayer, Black Sabbath, Napalm Death

WEDNESDAY: HIS NAME IS ALIVE 25th Anniversary Tour

His Name is Alive returns to the stage after spending years in the studio writing and recording the rock opera, Tecuciztecatl. "The new unit is a prog bubble gum machine," and they've added a mellotron to the mix. For fans of horror movie soundtracks, psychedelics, fuzz guitar and mellotron, this is a great band to check out. Over the years, their concerts have featured puppet shows, a man in a whale suit and, occasionally, a giant robot. Also on the bill for Wednesday night is Duluth-natives The Murder of Crows, a duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk (Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, The Black Eyed Snakes) and violinist/vocalist Gaelynn Lea (Snöbarn). These two produce an atmospheric, alternative sound that will make for a great opening performance.

Sounds like: This Mortal Coil, Throwing Muses, Cocteau Twins, Low


Kodak to Graph is Los Angeles-based Iranian-American producer Mikey Maleki, who is known for his own brand of off-kilter, hip-hop-infused electronic music. His lush, experimental arrangements often incorporate samples of found sounds. Maleki's earliest memories of music came via his parents: his father, who exposed him to to traditional Persian folk music as well as psychedelic and pop, and his mother, who schooled him in the American singer-songwriter canon. Maleki discovered electronic music in high school, cutting his teeth on producers like DJ Shadow, Caribou, Four Tet, Bibio and Quantic. In 2012 he moved to Gainesville where he started producing music in earnest, releasing a string of singles on the Italian label, Bad Panda Records. Other highlights of Maleki's nascent career include remix work for Doja Cat, Hundred Waters and Salt Cathedral, and tours with Odesza, Gold Panda, Hundred Waters, and Slow Magic. His debut full-length album, ISA, is out now as a free digital download and his headlining Break The Ice Tour features Big Wild and Obeson as support, with local act Vacation Dad opening Thursday's Entry show.


Friday will feature a plethora of local hip/hop artists and DJs who know how to kick off the weekend right. Haphduzn (aka Jordan Wallingford) has a very similar sound to the local great, Atmosphere. MaLLy (aka Malik Watkins) has performed at Soundset not once, but twice; once as a performer, and the other time as a co-host alongside Brother Ali. He's also opened for Atmosphere at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Rounding out the headliners is DJ Last Word. The Get Cryphy crewmember may not exactly be a household name yet, but he's earned respect for his work producing and live mixing for local rappers like Dialogue Elevators, Ernie Rhodes, and more. He's been spinning since 2000, getting his start at former Dinkytown sandwich shop/music venue Bon Appetit. Special guests of the night include locals Mac Irv and DJ Plain Ole Bill.

Sounds Like: Atmosphere, Brother Ali, St. Paul Slim


Because there will always be miserable teenagers and because nihilism and disaffection are just as much a part of the human condition as falling in love, there will always be a place—and a market—for explorations of abject darkness set to music. The Soft Moon is a San Francisco based neo-post-punk band composed of Luis Vasquez (singer/songwriter/guitar/synthesizers), Justin Anastasi (bass), Damon Way (synthesizers), and Ron Robinson (visuals). Keven Tecon joined the band as a drummer in early 2012. Since 2010, Luis Vasquez has twisted his personal demons into songs, quietly breathing new life into gothy post-punk. On his new album, Deeper, he pushes his foreboding synth-pop even further. Special guests for Saturday's show include Noveller, a solo electric guitar project of Brooklyn-based composer and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, the husband-and-wife duo, Oaks and DJ Jim Frick.

Sounds Like: Chrome, Suicide, Danse Society, Blank Dogs, Tropic of Cancer


Acclaimed singer and songwriter Sean Rowe's riveting new album Madman is now in stores. On his new record, Rowe has created a beautifully primal work. The record is deliberately, if not defiantly, simple in both arrangement and composition. It is soul music in the purest and most literal sense. The early reviews have been uniformly positive. “It stirs something primal inside you,” writes CMT Edge. Rowe spent much of the previous year traveling the country with his guitar, performing in people's living rooms for a series of house concerts. In this deliberate contradiction to the prevailing expectations of a professional musician, Rowe chose to interact with fans in the most intensely personal manner. Opening for Rowe will be singer/songwriter Matthew Fowler. "At 19 years old, Fowler shows the same mastery of earnest, strummy songcraft as established artists like Damien Rice and Ben Howard." - American Songwriter Magazine

Sounds Like: Joe Henry, Hiss Golden Messenger, The Lone Bellow

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