The Twilight Sad comprises James Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane, (guitar/electronics) and Mark Devine (drums/keyboard). Forming in late 2003, the band played a couple of early shows at Glasgow's 13th Note. They created half hour pieces of music utilizing guitars, bass, drums, theremin, tape loops from films and old folk and country songs, effects pedals, toy keyboards, thumb pianos, computer games and various other ephemera. Subsequently withdrawing to the studio to refine their sound, and rejecting any live shows offered, the band underwent a gradual metamorphosis into a more traditional, but still sonically adventurous outfit, with a more overt inclination towards emotive, eloquent song. In 2014 the band released their latest album, Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave which showcases a sound that embraces and combines all of The Twilight Sad's previous releases. Opening for the night will be the NYC-based Port St. Willow.


Doing your own thing is a modus operandi that's worked well for Iero, the former guitarist in the groundbreaking outfit My Chemical Romance, who was responsible for bringing (and maintaining) an old-school punk energy to that band's bigger-than-life-and-twice-as-heavy rock vision. After 10 years, four albums and rounds of incessant touring, MCR quietly adjourned in March of 2013. But the creatively restless guitarist has always held a hardcore work ethic, a mindset that helped propel Stomachaches, his proper debut full-length on Staple Records.

"My definition of a punk-rock mindset is that you do what you do because you have to do it," he continues. "Not because of who you are trying to please or what you're trying to make. These are things that need to be done for your sanity, for you to stay alive. I don't know if that's punk-rock or not. I'm a very sensitive person, and for me to say, 'I don't care about what you think,' well, that's not entirely true. Ultimately, it doesn't change what I want to do, but if you have something terrible to say to me, it's going to hurt because I'm a sensitive person. It's not going to affect the outcome." He begins to laugh. "It'll probably make me more self-loathing! I don't think it's punk rock; that's neuroses. If you have a patch for that, I'll take it and wear it on my jacket!" -Frank Lero

The Tuesday night gig by this four-piece punk band will be supported by the acts of THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR and MODERN CHEMISTRY.

Sounds Like: My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco!


CONTINENTAL is the latest project from Rick Barton whose resume also includes notable Boston acts THE OUTLETS, EVERYBODY OUT!, and DROPKICK MURPHYS. The concept for CONTINENTAL began with Rick's son Stephen Barton who, after hearing a rough solo recording of his dad playing his original composition "Curious Spell" in 2009, encouraged his old man to put a band together and bring this style of songwriting on the road. In Rick's words, his style is "…a blend of folk, punk, and country with a heartfelt message of love, loss, pleasure, and pain.'

The Shondes (rhymes with "Hondas" and Yiddish for "shames" or "disgraces") are a rock band from Brooklyn, NY, who play Bikini Kill-meets-Bruce Springsteen-style sing-along anthems for you. Formed by best friends Louisa Rachel Solomon and Elijah Oberman back in 2006, the band has included a handful of amazing guitarists and drummers the pair affectionately refer to as "The Greater Shondes Mishpocha".

Genre: Post-rock, Indie, Punk


Kids Like Us is composed of a family of three musicians, Sam Wayne, Eli Fhima, and Lizzie Fontaine as a featured vocalist. Mixing Lizzie's soulful and jazzy sound with Sam and Eli's dark/conscious lyrical images and quick-witted rhythmic flow is a recipe for expressive, moving, and head bouncing hip-hop. At only 20 years old, KLU has tackled several local clubs with their smelly DJ Beaker in the MPLS/STP area. They have grabbed the audiences attention in venues such as the Cabooze, First Avenue, Fine Line, etc. Sharing the stage with artists such as Tech n9ne, Freeway, Joell Ortiz, Mod Sun, Asher Roth, AND G-Eazy.

Beak Nasty (Ryland Sabien) is a multi-instrumentalist/producer/DJ that combines the sounds of hip hop and intense bass lines to create futuristic chill funk/electro soul music. When he moved out of his small Wisconsin hometown at age 16, he immediately got involved with the Minneapolis hip hop scene by producing and DJing for the likes of Kids Like Us, Allan Kingdom, and many others. Nasty was recently featured in a song by Vaski titled, "Weightless" and has over 1 million views on their official YouTube video.

Check out this funky new beat at the 7th St. Entry and enjoy $3 PBR Tall Boys 8-10pm. Also performing that night will be KOSHA DILLZ and TIIIIIIIP.

FRIDAY: ARE YOU LOCAL? (early) and 2:54 | HONEYBLOOD (late)

Friday's early show in the Entry features the 4 finalists of's Are You Local? contest, who will compete for the Best New Band crown with sending the winning band to Austin, TX to play the / First Avenue showcase during the 2015 SXSW Festival:

  • Baby Shel
  • Sam Cassidy
  • Moon & Pollution
  • The Stress of Her Regard

The Entry's late show features a pair of female-fronted duos from Great Britain: 2:54, which is made up of London-based sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, and Honeyblood, a Glasgow-based noise pop outfit whose debut self-titled LP was released in July 2014 on FatCat Records.

Sounds like: Warpaint, Jenny Lewis, Metric, Best Coast


Performing Saturday evening will be San Fancisco-based indie-folk duo THE DODOS. Originally formed in 2006 as Dodobird by multi-instrumentalist Meric Long, the band soon welcomed the arrival of Logan Kroeber, a fellow West Coast artist whose penchant for experimental drumming and progressive metal melded perfectly with Long's interest in West African Ewe drumming and country blues fingerpicking.

Sounds like: Department of Eagles, Grizzly Bear, The Morning Benders, Bowerbirds