It's Surreal to Me, or a Night of Indie Wrestling | VICE Sports:

A write-up of January’s sold-out Wrestlepalooza spectacular appeared in vicesports​ and they NAILED the feeling of being there:

F1rst Wrestling knows there’s more to wrestling than the surface, that it can present something bigger, more communal, and more alive than the sad armories and gyms depicted in Darren Aronofsky’s portrait of indie wrestling. In this context, putting on a business-as-usual production two weeks previous across the street at the 19,000-plus-capacity Target Center can’t measure up to joining Atmosphere and Doomtree as local icons who sold out First Ave. And it feels like both the culmination of a certain indie counterculture and the promise of something more, for audiences and performers capable of finding joyful absurdity in their art, while still suspending disbelief like a championship belt hanging from the rafters.

Keep your ear to the ground for details on your next chance to see Wrestlepalooza live in action…